"Leslie is a dream to work with. We sold our previous house fully furnished, so she had her hands full filling our new home. Leslie really listened to what we wanted, and managed to bring together an amazingly beautiful home. We were not afraid of color, and she brought so many different ideas, some we never would have thought of, but we ended up loving her inspiration. Her attention to detail is impressive. We are so excited to enjoy our unique, vibrant, comfortable home for years to come."

- Strickland

"We have absolutely enjoyed working with Leslie and Tim Thompson of Malibu West Interiors. We were looking for a designer that was creative (no cookie-cutter plans, thank you!), comfortable with unusual spaces and the design problems that they can present and responsive to our individual design tastes. We found all of our needs - and more - were met by Leslie of Malibu West. Leslie did an outstanding job of meeting us where we were in our design phase and helping us to take things to the next level. She was very communicative, especially by email, since our main home is not in Naples. If you are looking for a design team that is talented, undaunted by design dilemmas, professional in every way (communicative, flexible, reliable, adaptable..) then look no further than Malibu West Interiors."

- Leslie Lanham, Naples Florida

"Love Malibu Interiors! Leslie listened to what we wanted and understood how to handle the process of redoing the interior of our home. Leslie made selections carefully and gave us choices. I would recomend Leslie for anyone who would like to redesign their home."

- Oss

"It has been the best experience working with Leslie and Tim at Malibu West Interiors. Leslie is seasoned at designing all types of interior spaces. I knew early on that she was listening and working to get me the contemporary style home I wanted but did not know how to achieve. Leslie is easy to work with and has good insight about what not to do, which is so important. She brings clear but creative thinking to the decision process. This really helped the project keep moving. Her years of experience and professionalism really shines through."

- April K

"Our redecorating plans involved removing wallpaper, painting and updating the general feel of our house. Leslie and her team had full access for several months while we were absent. Great care was taken in moving and protecting the items being worked around. A powder room fix became more troublesome than expected, but Leslie managed to turn it into an absolute gem, nonetheless. Her advice was sound and the selections we were given to choose from were always very classy and unique. Leslie is very easy to work with and we will be asking her to manage another project in the near future."

- Karen & Don D.

"We have found working with Leslie Thompson at Malibu West Interiors to be a positive, stress free experience, as she is communicative, organized and professional. Our home design layout is beautiful, yet challenging, as it is a large, free flowing, open space floor plan overlooking the water. Not easy to tie together for a cohesive, unified look. Yet, Leslie Thompson showed she is a visionary, displaying creativity and talent. Her wealth of experience was evident as she researched furniture, fabrics, colors, rugs, draperies, and accessories (all to perfection) tying the rooms together for a cohesive sophisticated look. The result of her efforts is a stunning, successful conclusion to our home design project and a place we are proud to call home during the winter months in Florida."

- Carole & Dennis Revell

"I saw photos of your work on your website. And I had a good feeling at our first meeting. Professional, focused, friendly, with a very relaxed demeanor, you seemed like someone I would truly enjoy working with. Nearly a year later, I now know you are talent and dedication beyond designing/ decorating. The house looks just like I hoped it would, and I could have never done it without you. I truly appreciate your attention to ALL the details, the extra time you and Tim took compensating for other's mistakes, filling in at meetings , etc, when it wasn't your responsibility to do so, and always keeping us informed with good news, or otherwise. Thank you Leslie and Tim Thompson for keeping the vision on what I once referred to as our "project", and what I now refer to as our magnificent new home."

- Debra A., Quail West

"After having many years of experience with interior decorators, I can easily say that Leslie Thompson has provided me with the most satisfying experience. I found her and the Malibu West Interiors team to be professional, efficient and trustworthy. All admirable traits that are rare these days. Leslie is a very talented designer who was very willing to work directly with me until she understood my style. She then showed me how fabulous our home could be. Every time we return to Naples we marvel at the beautiful interiors that were all made possible by Leslie. I still have more decorating projects in my future and you can be sure Leslie and Malibu West Interiors will once again be called on to do their magic."

- Pamela S., Olde Naples

"With the fifth anniversary of our working together fast approaching, we wanted to reflect on all that you have done for us in that period that has made our home a much more attractive place in which to live. We and you inherited a number of problems from floors to furniture to fabrics that needed redesign or change to create the sort of "feel" we were looking for. You listened well and understood implicitly what we were trying to achieve and brought the expertise to help us get it right and the experience to make sure we didn't make costly mistakes. Now the results are here for all our visitors to see and for us to enjoy. We are great believers in dealing with small business where possible; and in your case not having the 'baggage' of the larger organization has meant we have had a very personal, enjoyable and effective service from you. Keep up the good work - and feel free to pass this letter on to anyone who wants a first hand assessment from an enthusiastic client."

- Dee & Dennis Turner, The Estuary at Grey Oaks

"I was somewhat hesitant to use a professional designer, but we had just bought a new house in a new state, so were new to an area with an overwhelming choice but no knowledge of where to shop and who to use. I wanted the house to be my personality, not someone else's. Malibu Interiors was recommended by a friend. After meeting Leslie and talking, I was amazed that her designs and ideas adapted to my personal style. She pulled rabbits out of hats, using her contacts and experience to deliver outstanding results. Leslie worked hard coming up with ideas that suited the style we wanted, and worked with us patiently while we made and changed our minds. We are delighted with the results and have a house that people walk in and say 'wow'."

- Guy & Joan B., The Quarry

"We are so pleased with our beautiful home and the excellence with which it was designed. It is elegant, Comfortable and functional. We think it's 'just right'. We were impressed with your professionalism which exceeded our expectations. You were considerate, perceptive and patient with excellent communication skills. We appreciate the fine customer service and your impeccable honesty."

- Cecille & Jack Skaggs, Bonita Bay

"The work of Leslie Thompson was truly wonderful. Her imagination and creativity in blending colors and features was of great help to us in seeing a marvelous finished product. Her communication and coordination of details was greatly appreciated. Leslie was a delight to work with!"

- John & Marti Frisvold, Moorings Park

"When Leslie and her team did the design for my home in Naples, it was one of those rare experiences of having the reality vastly exceed your expectations. Not only were the results superb (I am frequently complimented on how welcoming and beautiful my home is), but the process was both exciting and enjoyable. Leslie opened up the "inner workings" of a designer's world, allowing me to be involved in the creation of the design concept and then she executed the plan flawlessly - with great attention to detail. All this was achieved with a degree of graciousness that was admirable (particularly given that I shortened the deadline by a few months.) When I first stepped into my home it was completely ready to receive guests... down to the beds being made up!... There are few firms in any line of business that I can recommend as heartily as I do Malibu West Interiors."

- Louise P., The Moorings, Naples, FL

"Leslie was able to transform our newly purchased, empty home into a warm, inviting and comfortable retreat. She was open to listening to our needs and wishes and at our first meeting, was well prepared with an amazing choice of color schemes and samples and ideas. Since we had only six days before returning to the North, she met with us every day and was able to work the color scheme in each of our rooms, and order almost all of the furniture and fabrics during that time. The rest was accomplished via long distance and email. The result was beyond our expectations...she created a home that not only is beautiful but practical as well. Her attention to detail is impressive; she ties up all the loose ends and keeps excellent records. So not only is she creative, she is also a smart business woman and easy to work with. Our family recommends her highly."

- - Helen, Pelican Marsh, Naples, FL