Frequently Asked Questions

"ASID" after a designer's name signifies the "ASID Professional" member of the American Society of Interior Designers. This is an individual who has achieved the premier Professional level of qualification achieved by rigorous testing and experience.

NKBA signifies a member/designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Extensive education and experience qualification standards are met to insure high quality Kitchen and Bathroom planning, specification, and design. NKBA is an affiliation of Professional Designers.

Following are some commonly used Interior Design terms defined:

COM: "Customers Own Material"
The client selects and purchases fabric in addition to the furniture frame

Net Cost:
Interior designer actual cost - discounted rate to the trade

Lead Time:
The length of time it will take to process and manufacture the product. The clock does not start counting until the manufacturer receives the COM Fabric in their warehouse.

When a price is quoted, it is the "Net Cost" which does not include the design fee, the freight, the sales tax, the delivery or warehouse charges, etc.

Custom Ordering vs. Local In-Stock:
Ordering is normally preferred because the Interior Designer can extend to you a deeper discount than a furniture company is willing to do. Also, you can get the exact fabric and style you prefer. However, ordering typically takes between 4 - 8 weeks. Delays in custom ordering are to be expected, as elements beyond anyone's control are likely to happen.