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Design Philosophy

Leslie Thompson, Interior Designer, Naples Your home is a precious gift you give yourself, the expression of who you are in the world and what inspires you. Malibu West Interiors, Inc. will create a home that delights and dazzles, layering hues and textures to add a comfort level which is unique to each individual. For 25 years our base is Naples, Florida, home to a growing community from many walks of life.

"My goal is to create a positive design experience, fun and exciting, which results in the reflection of each individuals personal design style. I prefer to work as a team with the architect, contractor, and the homeowner, to assure that all facets of the clients' wishes are met when the project is completed." - Leslie Thompson, Interior Designer

"Leslie listens," is a phrase you will hear over and over again when you read client testimonials. Under Leslie's expert guidance, every last detail will be appropriately completed.

Tim Thompson, PresidentTim Thompson, President of Malibu West Interiors, brings over 25 years of hands-on experience in the Home Improvement and furnishings businesses to bear on the daily operations. The business portion of interior design is complex and requires constant monitoring to ensure timely progress from initiation to completion on every project, large and small.

Professional Organizations:

  • Tim Thompson
    * Certified as a licensed CAM Community Association Manager

  • Leslie Thompson, ASID
    * ASID -- American Society of Interior Designers # 47799
    * NCIDQ -- National Council for Interior Design Qualification Certificate Holder #11138
    * NKBA -- National Kitchen & Bath Association #1150492

These design organizations identify interior designers who have the knowledge and experience to create interior spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and safe. Certification requires a rigorous examination process and eligibility requirements.